Frisco ranks No. 1 in Texas for  roundabouts, with more coming to The  Grove Frisco 

Our hometown of Frisco enjoys many top local and national rankings, including No. 1 Best 
Suburb to Live in Collin County. 
Frisco’s newest No. 1 spot may seem a little unusual, but it actually delivers some real benefits. 
Frisco is No. 1 in Texas (and No. 7 nationally) for roundabouts, according to a recent report from 
Kittelson & Associates, a traffic planning and engineering firm. 
Frisco has 61 roundabouts, with four more under construction at the end of 2023, and 16 in the 
design phase.

One of Frisco’s roundabouts is in The Grove Frisco, at the intersection of Gartner Road and 
Crape Myrtle Road. 
It’s a key crossroads for the community, where the main entrance street of Gartner meets Crape 
Myrtle, a major internal street. Beautifully landscaped, this roundabout circle is surrounded by 
Orchard House, Orchard Park and other amenities, as well as several residential neighborhoods. 
Four more roundabouts are planned for The Grove Frisco’s new phase north of Main Street, now 
under development. 
“In Frisco, we always like to be innovative and think through things differently,” Frisco Mayor 
Jeff Cheney told the Dallas Morning News. 
He said Frisco officials visited Carmel, Indiana, the nation’s top roundabout city (with 145 of 
them) to research how these circular intersections provide a “more pleasant and efficient driving 
Instead of using traffic signals, roundabouts allow traffic to circulate counterclockwise, using 
only yield signs. The result is a safer, more efficient, and greener intersection. 
According to a National Academy of Sciences study, roundabouts lead to a 35% 
reduction in all crashes, with a 90% reduction in fatalities and a 76% reduction in 
injuries. They also increase the traffic capacity of an intersection up to 50%. 
Roundabouts are also environmentally friendly, reducing pollution because cars are not 
idling at stop signs and signals. They also take up less land than traditional 
intersections, and roundabout islands can be landscaped with native plants and trees, 
such as The Grove Frisco’s roundabout. 
In sum, roundabouts are a perfect match for The Grove Frisco’s vision for a neighborly, 
connected community where residents enjoy spending time outdoors at parks, trails and 
special events.

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